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April 13, 2014

  • It’s the Little Things

    My morning dog walk on Friday took us past the local elementary school.  The dog was taking in all the smells at ground level and I’m looking around for anything to amuse me during our morning ritual. As we passed the school, two cars pulled into the parking lot almost in synch. The doors open… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 04/13/2014

    Twitter / Cowpernicus: @dougpete presents @edcampSWO … RT @Cowpernicus: @dougpete presents @edcampSWO today! Thanks Doug! From all of us @EdcampLdn @edcampSWO @vickyloras tags: Teaching Math in Pink | @scoopit Teaching Math in Pink | @scoopit tags: Bleeding | doug — off the record Just blogged… Bleeding tags: OTR… Continue reading