Staying aware of things is always the best advice for anyone who connects her/his computer to the internet.  We were really made aware of this over the past week with the announcement of the Heartbleed bug.  It's scary stuff, especially when you think of how long it has been in existence and how we've come … Continue reading Bleeding


OTR Links 04/12/2014

Twitter / TaniaLibroCU: Wow! Freshly re-opened @LibroCU ... RT @TaniaLibroCU: Wow! Freshly re-opened @LibroCU branch in #Amherstburg tags: Amherstburg Leo? Here's your constellation | Constellations | EarthSky Leo? Here’s your constellation tags: I'm at Toddy Jones Park I'm at Toddy Jones Park tags: Love Video Games? Then It's … Continue reading OTR Links 04/12/2014