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Well, we had spring for a couple of days at least.  Most of the snow has gone except for the stuff that’s hiding in the ditches.  We call it “Super Snow”.  The point of this weather report?  I was able to start on this post outside on the patio.  Blogging doesn’t get much better than that.

The Way You Carry It

I love quotes and nobody blogs about “quotes in clumps” like Paul Cornies.

Yesterday’s entry was a selection of quotes about motivation.  This is my favourite.

What I Learned Today (at #OTRK12): Not having the answers feels good!

A lot of Ontario Educators attended the On The Rise Symposium this week.  When I had a few moments, I followed their hashtag #OTRK12.  It sounded like a great experience.  It sounds like Stephen Hurley really set the group afire with his opening keynote.

I liked this paragraph from Brandon Grasley’s post about the symposium.

With this one post, he gives us all the freedom to be a noob.

If you don’t go through a day of using technology without having to solve a problem, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.  Just imagine the students who are along for the ride!


It was April first when Donna Fry posted this so I clicked gingerly on the link to her blog…  It turns out that she was talking about #OTRK12 as well.

It is unnerving and scary at times to do a presentation in a conference, that’s for sure.  Even the best presenter started by doing their first presentation.

I often find it very worthwhile to seek out a presenter doing something for the first time or someone who is relegated to the smallish room at the back of the conference centre.  More often than not, you find someone so nervous, didn’t sleep the night before, poured months into preparation for the presentation, and you end up attending the best session.  Often they have way more material than time permits but just exude enthusiasm and a desire to do the best.  You can’t ask for better than that.

I Really Have Been Working Towards Something

A particular type of blog post that I enjoy reading has the author reflecting on why they do what they do.  Such was the case with Eva Thompson who claims to have started blogging a year ago before that year’s OTRK conference.  Now, she’s presenting at this year’s.

I’m sure that there will be a followup blog post next week letting us know how it went.

I hope that you agree that this was an interesting selection of blog posts from Ontario folks this week.  Read them, comment, and then head over to the big collection.  There’s always some great reading.


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