But Is It Art?

I know what Cubism is. I don't "get it" but that's OK.  There's a great deal of artistic expression that goes over my head.  I'm not hating here so Picasso fans relax. Let's step it up digitally by reading this. Called Kubist, you can turn your traditional images/pictures into your own Cubism originals. It's all [...]


Staying aware of things is always the best advice for anyone who connects her/his computer to the internet.  We were really made aware of this over the past week with the announcement of the Heartbleed bug.  It's scary stuff, especially when you think of how long it has been in existence and how we've come [...]

Web Browsers

As I look up and down the launcher, I see four browsers ready to go on this computer.  (Running Ubuntu) Chromium Epiphany Firefox Google Chrome That's certainly not a complete list.  Check out this post for alternatives. My browser as I create this post - Firefox.  It comes as the default browser to Ubuntu and, [...]

Ontario Educator Smackdown

At least sort of... I've been wanting for a while to play around with the new features of Visual.ly.  Visual.ly is trying to build a set of tools to help you build infographics.  These are the hottest things around and help you build and display messages and content.  I've been poking around; there is a [...]

Access :: Future

I'm on a roll. In addition to the previous post with all kinds of Open Source software, I was doing my daily read of Stephen Downes' OLDaily.  There was one entry that particularly caught my eye.  It was a book that he ha written titled "Access :: Future - Practical Advice on How to Learn [...]

Really Smart People

Yesterday served as a testament to me that there are a lot of really smart people and I was so fortunate to be able to see them show off just what it is that they stand for.  At the end of the day, it really was a humbling experience. In the morning, we started with [...]