About Keyboarding

A great article in Dear Otto today titled “Do Students Still Need to Learn Keyboarding” had me doing a little thinking about it.  Learning to keyboard was one of the best things that I ever did for myself.  In fact, I took “Typing” in Grade 9 and got a mark in the 60s at theContinue reading “About Keyboarding”

OTR Links 05/23/2013

Virginia Moves Standardized Testing to Computers Virginia Moves Standardized Testing to Computers http://t.co/LOqWnHtHXt via @zite tags: via:packrati.us Rockmelt Google now selecting “regular folk” to try out Google Glass for themselves – via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/pM2aYOiZW3 tags: via:packrati.us Rockmelt Celebrate Pac-Man’s 33rd birthday with 33 GIFs – via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/2EcGWKX1C0 tags: via:packrati.us RockmeltContinue reading “OTR Links 05/23/2013”