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May 25, 2013

  • Why #FollowFriday is so important (Post from the Past)

    I had a private question about #FollowFriday yesterday.  Responding in 140 characters is a little difficult and I knew that I had written about it in the past.  So, I thought that I’d bring the post from June 4, 2010 forward.  My thoughts remain just the same today as they did back then. (I had… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 05/25/2013

    Sublime Learning® – Transformational Teaching with Technology “Professional Development to Help Educators Integrate Technology Into Instruction” tags: learning professional development technology Stunning QR Codes from 2012 | @scoopit via @SmilingAnny Stunning QR Codes from 2012 | @scoopit via @SmilingAnny tags: How Google plans to rule the computing world through Chrome — Tech… Continue reading