An App for Everything

Last night, my son sent me this link.  It’s a great story that involves a friend of his, ducks, and mobile applications.  What a combination!

I’m just posting it to share and to have a record of it for future reference.

Trapped ducklings in Windsor saved by cellphone app


Now with Graphics

A new feature to Google Forms appeared without any fanfare that caught my attention.  I did not know that you could include images until I sat down to create a new Google Form myself and discovered it.  I think it’s a pretty cool feature.  It will raise the bar in both presentation and functionality for those who like to use forms.

Right now, a typical questionnaire form might look like:

Now, we know that a picture is work a thousand words.  We could spice this puppy up a bit.

Doesn’t that make a big difference?

Right off the bat, I can think of all kinds of ways to spruce up any forms that I’m already using and will use in the future.

Inserting a graphic is a piece of cake.

From the “Insert” Menu, the present entry at the very bottom is “Image”.  This opens a really familiar dialogue box.

You have all kinds of options from which to select your image.  Do it and select it.  You can even have a piece of text pop up as the user hovers over your image.

I really like the reminder that you should only use images that you have the license to use.  Students, in particular, can never be reminded enough to respect copyright!

Like any other object that you use in a Google Form, if it’s not inserted where you desire, just click and drag until it appear where you need it.

Save your form and share it with the world.  Your forms just got a great deal better!


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