Sharing and Demonstration Space

There are a number of iPad applications designed for students to document and share their knowledge.  I won’t name them all but I my first experience was with ScreenChomp and I shared my thoughts about it here.  If you read and look around, you’ll see that there are fans for any of the excellent applications that fall into this genre.  I think being a long time Camtasia, SnagIT, and Jing user perhaps predisposed me to ScreenChomp.  I don’t know; I just like the look and feel of it.

The one thing that all applications of this type is a way to effectively manage a class.  If that’s what you lack, then you may wish to take a look at Ask3 by TechSmith.


Here you have an application that has both a teacher and a student component.

As a teacher, you can create a set of instructions (by drawing and narrating on the application space) and posting these to a class Bulletin Board.  Students access your lesson on the class bulletin board accessed by a class code and work of the response.  A teacher testimonial about how she used it can be accessed here.

The workspace is fairly simplistic at this point…


As you’ll see from the above screen capture, I’m able to access my photo gallery and then mark it up.  At present, there is a small set of tools but certainly by clicking the red record button, students can record their voice and use any of the tools presented to express their thoughts, give answers, etc.

Ask3 is free and worth the download to give it a test drive in your class to see if it’s a fit.  TechSmith indicates that the product is still under development so you might want to give them a hand with suggestions to make it even better.


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