Taking the challenge

I can't ignore a good challenge.  Recently, Alfred Thompson challenged me to test out Microsoft's new CaptionBot application.  He said that he had been having great success with it and challenged me to try it.  The premise is simple; you send it a photo and it describes what it sees.  It's important to not send [...]

How Geeky Are You?

So, just how geeky are you? I'm a regular user of the How to Geek website.  I don't like anything "out of the box" and like to customize everything that I use to try and get the most from my experiences.  (I have locked myself out of things in the past but I'll just glance [...]

Nerd Test

OK, you may need to take a break from the family and turkey.  (making an assumption here) Or, maybe you just want to be the life of the party this Thanksgiving. Or, maybe you always wanted to know your level of nerdiosity. Self-help and analysis quizzes are pretty popular on Facebook these days. But, they [...]

Canadianize the Internet

So, yesterday was Canada Day.  It was a great day at the Ice Cream Festival at Toddy Jones Park and the events at Fort Malden.  Of course, there were the fireworks over the Detroit River to end the day.  The organizers always do it up nicely for our town.  Our Member of Parliament, Member of [...]

Obituary Inspiration

I must admit that I had to laugh this morning when I read the post "The Obituary of the Student Desk 1887-2013". In the classroom where I did the bulk of my teaching, it really didn't apply.  I was fortunate enough to have tables and individual chairs which ensured that there was no two days in [...]