Computer Science Education Week

CSEdWeek is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity in computer science education, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field.

This is an annual “week” to help promote the study of Computer Science in education. The original goal was to inspire educators and systems to incorporate more Computer Science or at least Computational Thinking into the curriculum. It has succeeded in some classrooms, been ignored in others, and yet others do at least some computer sciencey things.

For many education resource websites, it’s a chance to throw out a pile of links to different places around the web where there are activities for students. If you follow them, they typically end up back at one or more of these sites.


The rationale for why CS Education Week exists and shares ideas for advocacy. It’s an annual read for me to revisit the history of the initiative and the ultimate goal. You’re not going to make anyone a Computer Scientist in a week as it takes a lifetime of work to continue to realize how little you know and how much we appreciate the efforts of those who have stayed the course and provided us with this discipline.

You’ve got to start them somewhere. For educators, there are learning and advocacy events for every day in the week.

At the website, you’re going to probably want to end up on the “Introducing CS Connections” page. Here, you’ll find some great resources and activities specifically for the classroom and designed to fit into the notion of success after a little bit of work and effort.

It’s always humbling to see the activities and work my way through them. I would have written my first program in Fortran in Grade 11 and I’m sure that it’s some sort of ancient “Hello World” type of thing. After seeing where my career went, I do kind of wish that I’d held on to it!


The Computer Science Teachers Association has a weeklong set of learning opportunities for educators. It’s based in Chicago so make sure that you use the UTC time to attend.

fair chance learning

In Ontario, the folks at fair chance learning have a learning opportunity that is really unique. You’ll be going virtual…

“Each experience includes a 1-hour virtual tour of an Amazon Fulfillment centre, and a 30 minute post-tour classroom visit with FCL to talk careers, technology and innovation! Students will discover how algorithms, machine learning, and more power our fulfillment process and gain workplace exposure.”

Make sure that you download the resource and student workbook.

Wherever you turn for resources, it’s a great opportunity to be onside with a good initiative and to do something new or different with your students and exposed them to new opportunities. And, hopefully, Computer Science activities end up having a permanent place in your classroom.

What’s happening in your classroom this week?


2 thoughts on “Computer Science Education Week

  1. Good morning Doug!

    In case your readers have not yet checked it out, the ECOO website has a wealth of links to events celebrating #CSEdWeek, as well as for use throughout the year. The site also curates the Ontario not-for-profits that offer code/computational-thinking offerings for Ontario educators, as well as Online Platforms that support computer science learning.

    Things are summarized in this post from November 17:

    All ECOO members receive regular updates about these kinds of events as well via our ECOO Update eNewsletter.

    Over the last 16 months, the volunteer ECOO Board of Directors has coordinated and moderated over 300 online professional learning sessions for Ontario educators through the ECOOcamp 2020 and 2021 summer conferences, the #vBIT21 (Feb) and #vBIT21 (Nov) conferences, and the evening Support Series held in Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Spring 2021, and Fall 2021. Over 250 of these sessions are available on-demand on the site for access by ECOO members.

    ECOO membership is available to all Ontario educators at a nominal fee of $25.

    There is no doubt that celebrating #CSEdWeek can serve as a focus to help educators get a jumpstart on computer science with their students. The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario offers support for this year-round.

    The ECOO 2021 Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Monday, December 13, and offers an excellent opportunity for all members, Active and Life Members, to gather and celebrate the work of this organization.


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