Technology and Christmas lights

Even when I was a kid, I have fond memories of getting in the car after supper and taking a drive around town looking at the Christmas lights. There were some sections in town that we always knew had the best of lights and others not so much. But, we kept looking and we occasionaly rewarded with a new place with a great display.

The big event was once a year heading to London and driving along Springbank Drive to see the great displays there.

Traditionally, it was by accident to find some place new or word would get out and everyone would flock there.

This year, things are a little more tech. In Milton, for example, this house made for an entire article! It’s a fair drive to get there but I’m not that curious to see it alive.

In Amherstburg, we have an annual River Lights Winter Festival. Basically, it’s the lights at the King’s Navy Yard for the general population and a whole display for younger viewer at Toddy Jones Park.

One of my favourites that catch my attention with each evening dog walk is the fountain right in the heart of town. If you go past the snowman and the big Christmas tree, you’re in the park on the Detroit River to see the show.

This year, things have been stepped up a notch and I see something new every night.

We even have a street that is a nice stroll where every house is decorated.

On the way home, we will, following my parents’ lead and take a drive around and see how people have decorated their houses. Someone has made it easier and highlighted some of the great places to see and put it into a Google Map.

I enjoy the ability to have explore based upon other’s experience. Over a couple nights, we’ve done the tour. We were impressed with what we saw but we know of a few others that should have made the list! It’s all subjective, I know, but it’s fun to see them all.

As we turn into the driveway and see our own lights, we know that we haven’t made the list but we are happy for what we have done.

How about your community? Is it using technology to get the word out?


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