Restrictions back

Well, the news came out on Sunday…

Letter of instruction Updated with Limits on Social Gatherings and Bar/Restaurant Capacity

There are a whack of instructions there that provide for restrictions on residents of Windsor and Essex County. Limits of 10 for indoor gatherings, 25 for outdoor gatherings with the usual flurry of exceptions for different things. More on exceptions here.

Missing in all this are references to schools, daycares, the college and the university. There have been what I would think are significant numbers in schools of students who had to miss classes. (12 000)

Of course, we will comply. That’s what we do. Nobody wants to return to a stable condition more than us. I wish I could use the word “normal” but it’s starting to look more and more like that will be for a great deal longer.

Following the news and health districts that are having issues is truly like trying to play Whack-a-Mole. Our area used to be really bad, then we got our act together, and now we’re headed back to being bad.

How bad? Bad enough to be locked down according to previous metrics.

‘Burden’ of COVID-19 in community matches previous lockdown criteria: WECHU

It would be nice to think that this will get the community members who are not vaccinated or wearing mast to do a turnaround and do so. I think we know that that will never happen. It’s too political an issue to legislate compliance and so we try these other measures as a society.

Those was will comply probably will but I’m hearing an increased resistance to it. Those that wouldn’t comply before aren’t likely to start now.

I just don’t know how and where this all ends.


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