My Week Ending 2021-12-26

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • Whoever was in charge of spell checking is probably looking for a job right now. I wonder if the people who actually put the board in place knew but didn’t say anything or is it just teachers?
  • I guess if there’s something people want and something that some people have, there will be a market for it


  • St. Clair College is the latest to postpone classes and I suspect that we’re going to see more and more of this
  • I have what would be considered a lower end Chromebook and it does so much that I would be hard pressed to get an expensive computer when I next upgrade


  • A call from Windsor council to vaccinate all students – it should just be here, it should be everywhere
  • Adobe releases a free cloud-based imaging program that I think so many people would appreciate


  • This is really interesting – Duckduckgo is developing a desktop web browser not based on the Chromium engine
  • This shouldn’t have to be a request – the living conditions that migrant workers live in are appalling


  • Canadian television at it’s best – Still Standing is going into season seven. It’s amazing how communities are different and yet all the same when they get together in a hall to film the show
  • If you have a Chromebook, you use Chrome OS and you just might really be interested in learning about these tips


  • I know a lot of Harry Potter fans who will watch this and wish for a quick opportunity to see the movie
  • I’ve always wondered why computer manufacturers don’t create their own anti-virus – after all, they should know their stuff better than anyone


  • I’ve never had the desire but I see a lot of others doing this and it’s actually bad for your windshield wipers
  • Now we have browser wars driving our new cars?

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Technology Troubleshooting

Sometimes, you just have to pony up the bucks and replace technology that isn’t functioning.

For years, we’ve enjoyed an indoor/outdoor thermometer on the kitchen counter. Jaimie and I look at it as we prepare for our walks.

When you’re told that it’s 50 degrees outside when you know that it’s close to zero, it’s time to replace things. I tried everything I could with the old one – new batteries, letting it sit overnight, put it in the freezer, but nothing would work.

“Jaimie” gave me a nicely wrapped new one for Christmas.

Video of the Week

Guess what the Prime Minister was talking about

Photo of the Week

Jaimie and I caught this sunrise this past week

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Whatever happened to …

… a White Christmas?

As I write this, it’s Christmas morning. I just returned from a Christmas morning walk with Jaimie. We were delayed from our usual 7:14am time slot because of rain. I had heard the forecast but didn’t totally believe it and yes, it was raining then but had now eased up. I dressed like I normally would for a winter walk; winter coat, gloves, and toque.

We hit the pavement and, boy, it was warm out there. By the time I got to the corner, I was sweating like crazy. Off went the gloves and the coat was open for the rest of the walk. According to my watch, it was 12 degrees.

Needless to say, there was no snow!

I was watching the CTV News earlier this morning and they have temperatures from around the country at the right side of the screen and I noticed that Fort McMurray was -25. I’ll bet they had snow. Part of our family is celebrating Christmas north of Toronto and the pictures that came back had a great deal of snow in it.

I do remember snowy Christmases from the past. Our parents lived in Huron County in the snow belt and so that always made for an interesting ride home. I remember one time heading home going up Highway 21 and it was closed at Highway 84 because of snow. No problem, we thought; we’ll just deke across to Hensall and go up Highway 4. When we got there, Highway 4 north was closed as well. Argh. Ever try looking for a hotel in Hensall? Our Plan C was to head back and go up a county road through Hills Green and eventually to Bayfield Road and into town. We did it. We still shudder at the alternative of spending the night in a Chevette with three kids, a dog, and a pile of presents.

Another memory was when we actually got home without a problem. Since both parents lived in the same community, we had to make sure that we spent equal time in both houses. The problem is that a huge snowstorm had hit on Christmas Eve and the ploughs weren’t out. There was so much snow that travel by car was out of the question. But, walking and dragging the kids in a toboggan got us across town.

So, I’ve had the best of both worlds. I’ve enjoyed a white Christmas and I’ve enjoyed a Christmas where there is still corn in the fields waiting to be harvested.

Listening to CKNX on the drive home, the Bing Crosby White Christmas was always on the playlist and it reminds me of those other times.

So, for a Sunday (and I had to check because I always lose track of days over the holidays), what are your thoughts?

  • Did you enjoy a White Christmas or were you in a warmer location?
  • Is it really Christmas if you don’t have snow?
  • Are there some old time Christmas songs that bring back memories for you?
  • Do you have any Christmas Day traditions? We enjoy getting as much of the family as we can around the kitchen table and playing Taboo…
  • How about Boxing Day? Will you be out looking for deals or will COVID be keeping you at home?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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