Best cams

I’m not a real fan of “Top ##” lists because I’m never on them. I make myself feel better by saying that I came in 11th in a Top 10 List. It keeps me going.

As 2021 goes into memory and I hope it goes way back into memory never to return, we’re going to see the “Top Lists of 2021” appear and that’s actually a good and interesting thing for me. It affirms that there are really good people doing really good things and it’s nice to recognize them.

I haven’t actually seen any of these lists popping up at first so I did go looking for a couple of them. One thing that I really enjoy is webcams because they show me things that I probably never would in real life. Heck, in 2021, if I got to travel to Middlesex County, it was a major deal. Back to webcams, with my luck, even if get to go somewhere, it will be raining or foggy when I get there.

One site that does a “Top of” is the EarthCam website and they do have a list of their Top 25 Webcams from around the world in 2021. It’s obviously subjective to them but I’ll say that I like their choices.

The top 5 come from:

  • 425 Park Avenue in New York City Construction Site
  • Aqualink | MEGA Lab | Hawaii live stream
  • Awaji Island Centre Island Monkey Cam
  • Big Sky Resort Cams
  • Como Cams
  • and you’ll have to click through to see the rest of them.

I will admit to a slightly Canadian bias although who doesn’t like a good monkey video but the Whistler Resort webcams are interesting.


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