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Living Up To A Stereotype

In this post, Matthew shares an insight into his steps into higher education, having a university scholarship to attend university. He wonders what life would have been like had he not had the scholarship and the injuries. Could he have played professionally and that would have changed everything – including having a mortgage?

In a way, he felt that this was the stereotype of a young black man and he might have lived up to it.

As we know, he didn’t end up with that route but became an elementary school teacher and we’ve been the beneficiary of reading his wisdom and insights as a result of his blog. Now, as he looks out on the faces in his class, he’s wondering if they’re feeling the urge to follow a stereotypical route. What can he do to help out?

The post reinforces the notion that teachers very often go above and beyond the chore of delivering curriculum content and acknowledge – that they have so much more to offer in terms of human growth and development. As I typically do when I bring a post into this post, I’ve read it a few times and learn different things each time I’ve read it. It’s something that I think all educators should read and really think about his message.


A really important news items crossed my desk recently.

Police investigate threats at 2 Ottawa high schools

Given the incident that happened just across the border at Oxford, my mind immediately thought copy cat. I was relieved to read that the threats never became action.

It wasn’t until I read Amanda’s post that it truly sunk in that there were real people involved with real feeling and real reactions to it. In this post, Amanda gives us an insight from a teacher who was involved.

My hands started shaking.

I don’t know Amanda beyond her blog but it doesn’t take a personal relationship to feel her feelings and how she still had to carry on business as usual. I had the sense that we all fear when we see people if we’re out and about – are you a COVID carrier? More and more, random people become the enemy only because they happen to be there. With all the crap that has happened with Tik-Tok challenges and the like, you can’t help but look at others differently.

Amanda tells a powerful story in her own words and you must read this post.

Gr. 10 Civic Students Address Real-World Issues

One of the secondary school required courses is Civics. There could be a number of ways to teach the course designed to have “students explore the rights and responsibilities associated with being an active citizen, while also identifying important topics from community involvement to environmental engagement and so much more.”

Mr. Mendez engaged his class in a writing campaign to elected officials to identify and share their thoughts about a current issue. In this post, he describes the process and shares the writing of one of the students, Alyssa, who decided to write a letter to the Premier sharing her thoughts about the lack of mental health resources at her school.

In the post, you can see her excellently composed letter and the response that she received from the Premier.

I thought this to be an interesting and worthwhile activity that certainly exemplifies the actions of an active and concerned citizen.

It sounds like a great activity and it certainly is replicable in any Civics class.

Inquiry Project Conundrum

It would be easy to start the break by closing all school books and digital devices but if you can’t close your mind on an ongoing project, maybe you’re better off finishing the project and letting go! That was the case for Diana.

She’s got a couple of units that she’s going to teach and decided to finish them off.

Grade 1 – Are you a better X or Y?
Grade 2 – Changing Family and Community Traditions

But, there was a wrinkle that I wouldn’t have thought about. How do you do serious research with students who are still learning reading skills?!

Diana share her thought process and how she uses technology as a solution. Her goal was to provide an inquiry project that wasn’t a cookie cutter solution and that meant designing from scratch. There’s some great problem solving written in public in this post.

The 500 – #339 – The Heart Of Saturday Night – Tom Waits

I’m so glad that I’m following Marc’s blog as he works his way through this list of 500 songs. It gives me fresh music since I always have something on in the background while I’m working at the computer. This time, it was Tom Waits.

Interestingly, I know more about covers of Tom Waits’ materials than I do of his original content. This time, I enjoyed reading Marc’s analysis and his recommended song he added to playlist “(Looking for) The Heart Of Saturday”. Marc does make reference to Waits’ unique voice and it was so interesting comparing his originals to the covers.

Math Links for Week Ending Dec 17th, 2021

It’s another great collection of Mathematics resources from David. I always find It interesting to click through and play around with the resources that he shares. He caught my attention immediately with the first resource that he shared and his challenge to readers.

“I think this would be a fun activity for you to give to your students: Make a Math Meme.

Be sure to check the comments for all the examples
Curriculum Tags: All

I totally agree with his thoughts. By making something a meme, you actually have to do some work, research, and use computer skills to do something attractive. It’s such a simple concept but is really deep when done correctly.

This morning, I found this article:

9 equations that changed the world

Wouldn’t that be a great starting point?

Poetry Invites December

Jessica and an entourage of other poets have been creating an eChapbook book for the past year. She puts out a topic and people respond. I love the fact that she’s putting it all together so that anyone can read all the material. (link above)

December is the end of so many things in 2021, including her book project. The theme that she’s asking for input on this time around is celebrations. What a great topic. There are so many celebrations during the month of December.

It will be interesting to see the contributions.

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