When social media fails

After the shooting at Oxford High School, it was easy to predict that students and teachers and administration would not be in a hurry to return to school. I get that and totally understand it. The bigger question is how long will the school be closed. Then, how will it resume? If there ever was a reason for having grief counsellors in the district, there shouldn’t be a question about it.

It wasn’t just this one school that felt the need to close down.

As I indicated earlier, I never had to deal with something so severe in my time in the classroom and I’m so thankful for that. I don’t know how I’d respond.

In a perfect world, people would leave things alone, move along, and allow the healing to begin. Will it ever end is a good question.

Sadly, there are some really sick people out there and they’re connected to social media. A report was on the morning Detroit news shows today and it appears in today’s Detroit Free Press.

Slew of copycat threats across metro region trouble administrators, parents

Everything seems to have kicked into overdrive, including those who are now coming out on social media making things worse. Even fake information can spark panic.

I remember years ago being at a Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena and, between periods, you’d go to the washroom and grab a snack at a refreshment stand. Things are so busy it feels like walking in quicksand. But, someone yelled “that guy’s got a gun” and the place cleared so quickly. Kids were knocked over and everyone ran out of the messanine. As it turns out, security got the guy and he wasn’t armed but just the bad message was enough to spark action.

I like to think that I’m vested in social media with a number of quality people whose purpose is to learn and make things better. This story is a reminder that not everyone feels the same way.

I totally stand with the comments of the Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard when he sends the strict warning that they will come and get you if you’re making threats. There’s no easy way to handle this; you can’t wait for it to blow over.

A serious and very public effort to bring these people to justice is precisely what is required at this time.


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