This is 2021

and yet, this just happened.

As I sat down to do my morning reading, I typically check on Twitter to see what is happened. “Ezra Levant” was trending. What happened to him?

A better question would have been “What has he done now?” There are three messages in the Twitter quote above to click and expand, including one from Twitter that the messages do not violate their rules for use of the service.

$5000 bounty for a picture? There are a lot of words that could have been used but that one could be a call to action for some.

I can’t help but think back to the first point that started it all. Don’t we all have that little voice in the back of our heads that corrects us for going off the deep end? Mine is screaming at me right now as I type this instead of what I really want to say.

I know that it’s 2021, we’re all dealing with COVID and we, as a society, are building the bridge as we’re crossing it. Nobody has gone through this before and conservative, measured approaches are being taken to deal with it. As I said earlier this week, “I get that the intent of the articles was to sell media.”

But has it come to this? And in a public forum? And it doesn’t go against the term of use?


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