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  • This Week in Ontario Edublogs

    Welcome to another collection of great thoughts shared by Ontario Educators. In Between The Bell It was great to see Matthew back sharing his insights.  And, this one is so dead on. In Matthew’s school, they use bells like so many schools do.  (Mine didn’t – the philosophy of the principal was that it was… Continue reading

  • Whatever happened to …

    … outhouses? It’s not often that you can have fun at your wife’s expense (and still remain married) but this post was her idea and she fed me all the details. I was a “rich” town kid. She was a farm girl. On Tuesday, we were out for one of our regular trips to beaches… Continue reading

  • They’re watching

    We’ve had this advice thrown at us as teachers and parents for years. Let them catch you do good things because they’re always watching It’s just about the best advice that you can follow if you’re concerned about raising youngsters properly. Bad advice would be Do what I say, not what I do And I’m… Continue reading

  • Ghosts in the ‘hood

    One of my favourite podcasts is the 519 Podcast. Because, well, except for the one year I lived in Toronto, I’ve always lived in the 519 area code. There are some interesting things discussed there that bring back memories but a recent one brings to mind something that could happen today. Or tonight. Or tomorrow.… Continue reading

  • Whatever happened to …

    … Big Al? This may be kind of a local memory for me. I don’t know what brought it up in my mind but brought up it did. As a child, one of my favourite television heroes was on CKCO television from Kitchener. He went by the name “Big Al”. If you were flipping channels… Continue reading