A real throwback

How’s this for a throwback to the early days of computers in the elementary school classroom?!

It was part of the collection of software titles that were purchased for classroom computers. The software? KidPix.

For many teachers, it was their first foray into using technology in their classroom. Some turned it instantly into meaningful activities and some made it a reward for doing their “real” work. That became a project!

So, we did try our best as a team to show that there was huge potential in incorporating a drawing program into the classroom. One of the more successful ones was the Anti-Bullying Webquest where we used KidPix to generate pictures for a slideshow to be used in a presentation.

So, now for the web, we have this recreation of KidPix 1.0. It’s a faithful copy of the original (with the exception of the click to GitHub and the author’s Twitter account). I had some wonderful memories of playing around with the program.

It’s there just as I remember, block characters and sound effects for each of the buttons to make things happen. You don’t get the sound effects these days but those that are included as part of KixPix reminds me of how they can be used effectively for the beginner. Click the Fill or Move button to see what I mean. I also remember how annoying the sound effects could be in the hands of Junior/Intermediate students. Click the Undo button to see what I mean here.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing how much of what we take for granted these days, got started, just head over to https://kidpix.app/

Since it’s freely available on the web, you could make use of it if you have an internet connected computer and want an easy to use drawing program. You just make have to explain a few things like the diskette to save your work!

For me, this was a really nice trip back to days gone by. If you have any KidPix memories, I’d be most interested in reading them in the comments.

Of course, something this good can’t have gone away completely…it’s now 3D.

6 thoughts on “A real throwback

  1. KidPix takes me back. The only thing that I really remember about it is that I could never seem to get anything to work on it. I think that someone — or maybe a group of people — did a session on KidPix at Minds on Media one year. Do you remember? I probably should have attended. I wonder if others have KidPix memories.



  2. I have no doubt that KidPix would have been done on Minds on Media at one time and maybe more than once.

    As for your inability to get anything to work, did you try asking a kid? I wonder if it was perhaps installed incorrectly. I found it generally to be a pretty good actor.

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    1. I feel as though the problem was with me, and my inability to create things with a mouse. 🙂 I think I would be better at using it now … at least a little bit. Asking a child probably would have been my best idea.



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