My Week Ending 2021-08-08

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. They’re posted to the blog under the title OTR Links.


  • Going door to door or neighbourhood to neighbourhood to deliver vaccinations may be what’s ultimately required as done in the Waterloo region
  • Casinos are a popular place to go for an outing – a new one opened in Pickering


  • Good news for those who absolutely, positively have to make GIF files on their Chromebook
  • I’m embarrassed to admit this but I did buy into some of these technology failures. Don’t hate me


  • This is probably old news now but I’ll link to the back to school plan for Ontario once again here
  • From one year of living in Toronto, I’ll vouch for the fact that there are way more than one confusing intersections there. Here’s how they fixed one of them anyway


  • Recommendation about how to use the word “black
  • Not surprisingly, parents and teachers wanted a better plan for back to school than what the government delivered


  • Bookmark this list of 170 hypothetical questions – for the school year, there’s enough there to get kids talking and problem solving daily
  • I switched to DuckDuckGo a long time ago but still enjoy reading reviews of it – they affirm I made a good decision


  • This is spectacular news for the residents and students of Pelee Island – they’ll soon be connected, probably with better internet access than a lot of others
  • You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get great software; there’s a great collection of things available for free


  • An interesting opinion piece about attendance at school during COVID times and whether it will continue in the future
  • This should be mandated right across the province – after all, we have the Sunshine list so why not vaccination rates in schools?

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Technology Troubleshooting

My technology troubleshooting this week actually turned into full post.

  • Issue resolved

  • Video of the Week

    The flame just went out in Tokyo and that got me thinking of great flames from the past. (not the girlfriend type)

    Photo of the Week

    Elizabeth Lyons alerted me to this brewery in Erieau and darn if Sobeys in town didn’t have some to pick up.

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    Whatever happened to …

    … side vents?

    This is a third hand suggestion for a topic. It comes from David Garlick’s wife in response to the topic from last week.

    Through David, she asks…

    That’s actually kind of a great question. In my mind, it goes back to a time where cars were really spiffy and had chrome everywhere. That included the two extra vent windows on the front doors of cars.

    Except for those that are car collectors or go to car shows, it’s a part of design that today’s kids may never know about.

    Here’s an example…

    Photo by Jorgen Hendriksen on Unsplash

    In case the concept is new to you, it’s the front part of the driver’s side window just ahead of the rear view mirror. In most cases, there was one on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

    The window was manually operated with this little clip that rotated to close it. But, you could swing it and the vent would open a bit. If you pushed it out a bit, it cleared the stale air from inside the car to the front and outside. As David notes, and is consistent with the idea of doing something with cigarettes, you could tap your cigarette and the ashes would fly off.

    But, if you kept pushing on the vent, it would actually swing right around and would allow air from the outside into the car. You’d generally adjust it so that you could get a rush of air on your face.

    I haven’t seen a vehicle with one of these for a long time, although my Ford Fusion does have a vent-like-looking piece but it doesn’t move like the traditional vent.

    So, David offers one theory as to why they’ve gone away. I’ll offer some more.

    • modern style just made them go away
    • it was a cost item adding a new feature to a car that could be reduced by not including it
    • chrome really isn’t a thing anymore; we’ve opted more for plastic
    • it’s cheaper to make a one piece window that slides up and down
    • windows these days are motorized and the concept of a manual vent is just dated
    • nobody uses vents or windows for that matter since most vehicles are air conditioned making them unnecessary

    That’s my list. Can you add to it? Can you remember owning a vehicle that had a vent window in it? My first vehicle was a 1959 Chevrolet Pickup truck (not new but purchased after many owners) and that was the form of air conditioning that it had.

    Please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you (or your spouse) has an idea for a future topic, please just reach out and let me know. Or, you can add it to the Padlet that I have in place to collect ideas.

    OTR Links 08/08/2021

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