First of August

It just seems to appropriate to anyone other than teachers and students that there is an August break, although only officially a holiday for some. We’re halfway through the summer months and it’s always nice to take a break. Of course, you’ll be fighting for a place to park at the beach with those that do get the day off …

This year, there’s a couple of things happening at the first of August. This spring, parliament passed recognition of Emancipation Day to be observed on August 1 although it’s been celebrated for years. This is an important step for the country and the link in the previous sentence takes you to the site where there is a nice resource that explains why this day is important and what you could do to fully appreciate the day.

Then there’s an actual “holiday” to be somewhat observed on the first Monday of August. “First Monday of August” hardly seems like a name for a holiday but it’s not universally recognized in Canada. I’ve known it as a day with two names – “Civic Holiday” and “Simcoe Day”. From the Wikipedia, proof that Ontario struggles with the name:

The Civic Holiday is now known by one of a number of local appellations, including, among others:

Civic Holiday. (2021, July 31). In Wikipedia.

In Ontario, it’s not officially a holiday and it’s been interesting to see the number of stores around here that are proudly announcing that they’ll be open.

It’s supposed to be a good day so this blogger will be off for a picnic to a beach. I hope that you have plans as well.


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