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I hate it when things don’t work the way that they’re supposed to on my computer. Other things too but this is about the computer.

Recently, I was banging my head against the wall with this one. For a long time, I’ve been using the OneTab extension. I love it. It takes all of the open tabs and sends them to a page in the browser and then closes them off. It’s very handy for a person like me that loves to have all kinds of tabs open “just in case” I need to go back to one of them. Or, I’m too lazy to close them. I blogged about my solution here. Saving things The neat thing is that it won’t do its thing on tabs that are pinned in place. So, I pin things like Twitter, this Blog, and a bunch of other things.

The new stuff opens in a regular tab and OneTab dispenses of them, leaving their trace, so nicely.

I’ve been playing around with grouped tabs since they were announced a while ago. This grouping is ok In the beginning, they were awkward and so I’d stop using them. Since the feature was adopted by so many browsers, I’d keep giving them a shot. After a while of going back and forth, I’ve decided to keep them in my workflow.

Then it happened.

I had my full workspace open, bouncing around doing what I do and accumulating tabs. I used OneTab to close them as per normal and everything went away. Had my browser crashed? Had OneTab crashed? I was pointing my fingers everywhere trying to find a solution.

I couldn’t find one so decided that it was just a quirk. I went back to restoring my tab groupings and continued to work.

At the end, I had a bunch of tabs open so I OneTabbed my browser and everything went away again. OK, it wasn’t a quirk. It was driving me crazy. It had worked so well in the past.

Then, I got a stroke of troubleshooting genius. I had “My Blog” group open and caught it.

Do you see it?

It took a while, a long while, for it to click in. In a previous strategy, those would all have been pinned tabs. But, with tab grouping, they were now just regular tabs. So, when I hit OneTab, it did exactly what it was supposed to do – it sent them all to the OneTab aggregator page. I could access them all from there.

I actually considered doing this. It is a neat and tidy way of doing things but it took an extra keystroke so lazy me figured there would have to be a better solution. Could I tell OneTab to ignore everything that was in a Group of tabs? Is there an option to OneTab that I had missed?

As it turns out, not directly but there was a way.

I was tempted with the “Send only this tab to OneTab” option but, quite obviously lazy Doug would never go through and do that to all the tabs that had been left open.

You’ll see from the checkmark what I decided to do. I expanded all the groups and when through and excluded each of them from OneTab. Then, once done. with a big breath, I opened just one more tab and whacked OneTab. My browser and OneTab worked as predicted. All the tabs that were part of groups were left alone and that singleton new tab collapsed as it should.

I could kick myself for not cluing in a little sooner but it wasn’t until I had actually thought through it carefully that I was able to resolve this. I’ll leave the process here in a post in case it’s helpful to anyone else.


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