Do we really need this?

If all the advance information is correct, we can expect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to dissolve parliament and call for an election this weekend. The earliest date that the election can happen is September 20. If not, this is kind of a silly post.

Among the various things that differentiate us from Americans are our election rules. In the United States, the dates are carved in stone. Up here, not so much. There’s a maximum time that a government can be in place of five years but that doesn’t stop the call going out earlier, as it appears will be the case now.

There are all kinds of reasons that an election can be called. In this case, I suspect that it will be a chance to build on the support from Canadians that we’ve handled the COVID crisis well, or at least better than some other countries. Sadly, the numbers that are being reported on daily cases seem to be on the rise and the media is full of news about the coming “fourth wave” of COVID.

I grew up in a Progressive Conservative riding and our representative did a great job of addressing local concerns. This was in the days before the New Democratic Party and there wasn’t a significant difference between them and the Liberal Party of Canada. I don’t ever recall voting in my home district as I was off to university and then a job a long way from “home”. For the most part, the local representatives were from all of the political parties and our district voted Conservative last election. Probably the highest name recognition would be Eugene Whelan.

As I sit here this morning thinking about this, I’m not sure that I even know who will be representing us as we move into an election. There are still days to find out and the mailbox will be full of election materials.

I’m also sure that social media will be full of advertising as the election campaigns get going and, of course, all the television segments will have time devoted to the issues and the people involved.

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The biggest question right now “do we really need an election?” That may well be part of the election campaign platform for the Conservatives and the NDP. From my perspective, we have a functioning government so it’s not like the issues of the day are bogging it down. I suspect, that if you’re a member of the Liberal Party, this will be seen as the best time to try to capture the country for a majority government.

I’m fearful of what’s going to happen to COVID numbers as school re-open. There already is talk about another lockdown in some places. Could you imagine if the Ontario Government locked us in our homes for the election and electronic voting is the only option? Of course, that’s not the worst of all scenarios. We probably have a country the most computer literate now as we ever have been.

I think that the political parties are going to have a real challenge making the case that we need a new government with them in charge. I do see huge federal issues that are keeping me awake at night.

  • Why can’t all Canadians have good drinking water?
  • Why don’t we have drug production facilities in Canada – why did we have to import all of our COVID vaccines?

What burning Federal issues do you see?

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