Trying out Windows 11

Well, not really.

I’m still not adventurous enough to download the ongoing development of Windows 11 and trying it out. My Windows 10 is running too nicely!

But, I’m not above trying out Windows 11 in a browser and you can do so at this site.

It’s a version of the forthcoming operating system written in React. The project is on Github here.

Of course, it’s not a full-blown version of the operating system but it’s enough to give one a peek. And, it runs on a Chromebook!

The biggest controversy from my perspective now is that Windows 11 will only make it easy to run the Edge browser. You’ve got to believe that the bright minds at the other browser developers will give us a one click experience to get around that.

In the meantime, I had to check out what my blog might look like in the new operating system and in Bing.

I am a bit concerned about the placement of the Taskbar. Many have complained that it looks to much like a Macintosh OS. That’s really not my concern; my current laptop is a widescreen and so I’ve become accustomed to having the taskbar on the left side of the screen, not hiding, so that I have more scrolling room in the middle. I hope that the final product doesn’t lock that down on me. I can live with it looking like the Macintosh OS or Chrome OS as long as I can move it. If not, I’m thinking that hiding it is going to be my only alternative.

The news panel is nice in its slide out form. I like that and we’ve all seen that the Microsoft store is undergoing changes as we speak. Those are positive things for people looking forward to Windows 11.

Other than that, there wasn’t a huge change in the user experience for me. Of course, we’ve always been able to customize things and I suspect that will continue with or without Microsoft’s blessing.

If you’re curious as to what things might look like head over to the site and check it out for themselves. Once again, I’m impressed with the efforts of programmers taking on a challenge and making it available for all of us to enjoy.

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