Roller coaster riding

Yesterday’s post about “Whatever happened to” dealt with fairs. One of the fond and not so fond memories was of riding a roller coaster.

Depending upon the location, it might be a small one designed to be portable to go from location to location or it might be a permanent structure where the ride can be significantly bigger since it never gets torn down to be moved.

An example of the first one is the “Mouse Trap” that always seemed to come to our spring fair. My dad loved this ride and would always want to be in the lead car because the wheels connecting the car to the track where in the middle of the car. The effect? On turns, we’d be hanging over the edge of the track befor the turn kicked in. As little kids, my brother and I were terrified.

When Boblo Island was in operation, it had a permanent roller coaster that was the signature ride of the park. As a father, of course, I had to take my own kids for a screamer.

One of the popular field trips at my old high school was to Cedar Point whose claim to fame was that it was the roller coaster capital of the world.

Well, Boblo is now gone and you can’t drive to Cedar Point right now. But, we connected to the internet type of people still have options.

If you have have a Virtual Reality website, you can go for a ride here. (You can do it without the headset but it’s a different experience.

Or, you can build your own! It’s even educational as you design your virtual ride.

Don’t let COVID restrictions stop you from challenging (scaring) yourself. Today, we always have options.


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