Elements, now in 3D

If you’ve ever studied science or chemistry in secondary school, you’ve seen this every time you stepped into the classroom.

It’s the periodic table of the elements. I remember very specifically the one in my chemistry classroom. It was hung from a single nail at the top of the blackboard on the side of the classroom. It was there as an instant visual if the teacher needed to make reference to an element or any of the calculations that we needed in class.

On test day, we’d enter the room and the chart was flipped over so that we couldn’t see things. There was a lot of memorization and our teachers were experts at drawing the chemical symbols. But, it was still two dimensional.

Now, thanks to a Google Experiment, you can play with your favourite element in three dimensiona here – https://artsexperiments.withgoogle.com/periodic-table/

Each of the elements is clickable from the main table and here’s everyone’s favourite? Carbon.

It’s amazing how much information can be accessed when displayed this way. And, interactive to the point where you can play around with the Bohr representation. (you can’t do that with a chalkboard drawing)

And, of course, Google being Google, there’s a click through to the main Google Search page for even more details.

OTR Links 08/26/2021

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