School sign wars

I saw it while out walking the dog this morning.

I think we’ve all see the “sign wars” going on between businesses (started in Listowel – shout out to the Dairy Queen there) and we’re seeing more of it. I suggested last week in a blog post that blogs could do it.

Well, it turns out that it’s now landed at the elementary school around the corner. Jaimie and I saw it this morning during out 7am stroll. If you’re an Ontario Educator or connected to Ontario educators, you’ll have made the connection to @Cowpernicus. He’s now the principal of our local school. In a Twitter message, he says …

And, Colchester North Public School fires back.

There’s a bit of a personal connection here since two of my kids went to both Anderdon and Colchester North. Then, there’s the whole horse mascot thing.

I had to be impressed. In these days of learning at home, there aren’t a whole lot of school assemblies to post to the sign. So, why not have a little fun with this?

There’s another challenge out to another local school.

No response on Twitter yet and I shouldn’t be driving out to check…

Why not have a little fun? Anything similar going on at your school? I know I enjoyed it; it was a nice little break as we walked by.

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