The price of free

One of the things that I like to do in the mornings is look at my “Facebook Memories”. Often, it will be a picture or family memory or some story/meme that seemed funny at the time It’s always nice to reminisce.

Sometimes, though, the memory isn’t able to be displayed. I had a couple that appeared this morning (Sunday) as I was reviewing the memories. One of them would have been great for the day.

Another would have nourished the nerdy me but it wasn’t available either.

It’s something that we’ve become accustomed to – taking services for granted. And then, they go away. Often, they go away unnoticed. Until you remember them and, reach out, and then find that the service is no longer there.

In the beginning, I used to get frustrated with it. How dare someone take down a service that I was using or planning to use?

But, it’s a reality. Some people host a site for a business concern expecting income and some host it as a passion project. Sometimes, the energy and finances get in the road of continuity. That’s when we all feel the pain and the frustration.

It was also part of the reason why I was so committed to the concepts behind the OSAPAC Committee. Educators would spend a great deal of time and effort putting together lessons, relying that a particular resource would be there and it wasn’t when they needed it.

These days, I think we all have come to rely on things always being there. I know that I’ve become more judicious in the resources that I use. I still get burned every now and again but for the most post, I think I’ve made good choices. I’m so appreciative that what I use is, in fact, there. Sure, there can be moments – who hasn’t visited a website only to find that it’s temporarily unavailable – but I know that I’ve become more patient and hopefully wise and more understanding that sometimes life just gets in the road. Or technology. Or timing. Or – well, there are a myriad of reasons why we have these challenges.

May they only be for a short duration for you.

Back to Mother’s Day, since that original post wasn’t available, let me offer my own list. Some are sappy, but this is what came to mind. A quick internet search, relying on the fact that DuckDuckGo would be up and running, returned even more!

I hope that all the mothers out there had a great day, however you celebrated it.


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