Flinging the teacher

Just a sec – have to check that I have a title in place. I got caught yesterday. I’ll blame the nice weather and my mind being other places. Thanks to Aviva Dunsiger for catching my mistake first thing in the morning. I did correct it but most people don’t actually visit the blog but rather get the content in other ways so my correction probably wasn’t noticed anyway.

If your memory takes you back to 2014 and the Bring IT, Together Conference (can you believe it’s seven years now), you’ll recall that one of the keynote speakers was Richard Byrne. I introduced Richard in this blog post.

My history with Richard goes back further than either of us will admit, I suspect. Our paths have crossed many time at ISTE Conferences and we even went to a baseball game in Baltimore together during one of these events.

His influence lives on electronically since we’re not doing much travelling or getting together in person these days. Fortunately, he still sends out a weekly newsletter. This week, there was an introduction to “Fling the teacher” which brought back a memory to me. To confirm the memory, Heather Durnin gave me a shout out for mentioning it a year ago. It was great then and it’s still great. It’s not difficult to do and as we head to June, I know that there is all kinds of desire for ways to perform year end review of content taught.

Of course, fun makes it tolerable…

Richard was good enough to not only bring it to our attention but created a short YouTube video explaining just how it works. Check it out below.

Does something like this make its way into your teaching / reviewing toolkit? I know that people are often looking for something just a little bit different.

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