Anniversary 2021

Look at this beautiful bride and the mug that she married.

It’s hard to believe that this was in 1977. I was still in university and she had just graduated from college.

Every year since then, we’ve always celebrated April 30. Always something special.

  • Duffies Tavern
  • Fourteen Restaurant and Sky Lounge
  • Cowbell Brewery
  • Riccardo’s
  • Chicano’s
  • Stoney Point Tavern
  • Talisman Resort

I could go on but can’t remember them all. There have been years where I was actually at a conference and either I’d sneak away for a meal or she’d be with me.

It was a time that we took for just the two of us to get out and do something special. As we know, all that came to a halt last year.

And it continues this year.

As we know, this is the reality for so many of us in the province. Like last year, we’ll be ordering something local, hopefully packed in Styrofoam to keep it kind of warm but it’ll go in the microwave to at least get some temperature into it.

It’s certainly not the same. We don’t have a wine cellar to select the perfect wine or a choice of beers other than take it or leave it.

But, we’ve still got each other to dine with.

We just keep promising each other that we’ll play catch up once we’re able.


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