The home stretch

and then what?

As I mentioned yesterday, Victoria Day always means the beginning of the race to the end of the school year – whether it be for teacher or student.

In the secondary panel, there was also another something that was looming on the horizon – final exams. Around our house, it was always time for Dad to remind us that we needed to start studying. I’m looking at the local school district calendar and it appears that final exams will start on June 24. That last month of school days always flies by so quickly.

Actually, the whole school year has just been so bizarre. At times, it flies by and at others it drags. Then, there’s the whole A and B cohort thing, some people dealing with quadmesters, then there’s the whole face-to-face / remote shuffle. I can’t help but think that the irony of all this is that those students who chose to take their course online from the beginning might be the best off.

I always hated giving examinations in computer science courses because I never felt that 90 minutes was enough time to sufficiently assess the type of learning that I hoped was happening. When FSEs that included major work towards the end of the semester came along, I was all in on that.

But what’s going to happen this year?

Who knows?

We don’t even know how the final month and a bit of the school year will be delivered. The future of schools was missing from the Premier’s press conference and the Minister of Education isn’t in front of all this with the plan.

To all this confusion, there is a mixture of advice coming from all over the place about summer schools, catching up for ‘learning loss’, etc.

It’s enough to make parents, teachers, and students scream.

And, of course, armchair bloggers to share their thoughts.

In all the discussion, the well-being of the student and those teachers that would be involved in any form of summer school seems to be missing. From where I’m sitting, this has to have been the most disruptive, frustrating school year ever. Even last year seemed different because we were still in the paranoid stage of not knowing what was happening. Now, I think we have a better grip on things but not necessarily full understanding.

In my opinion, this is not the time to try and put a bigger bandage on the wound. It’s been tough on everyone. I can’t imagine piling on with another six weeks of summer school in whatever form it might be offered. This summer is the summer to let kids be kids and try to get them back to some sort of normalcy of what being a kid is. Even that isn’t clear; they can’t play baseball or soccer but they probably could golf if they can get a tee-time.

Let’s not forget about the big picture here. All students in the province have been living this bizarre set of circumstances. They need time to recover to what extent they can. Going back to whatever passes as school over the summer just isn’t helpful.

I’d love to read other’s opinions. Please feel free to leave them below in the comments.


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