The beat goes on

It’s probably really appropriate that the above video is in black and white to show its age. I’m going to show my blogging age.

Lately, I’ve been getting notifications from WordPress from its app. This morning’s was:

How’s that for the blogging beat going on?

Now, if you’re a regular reader, you know that maybe there needs to be an asterisk added to this. While I do try to write something daily, there have been times that I’ve missed a day or two. Going even further back, it really was hit or miss. But, I do automate a blog post to share the reading that I do on any given day so that must count towards this total.

But still 3699 days (and 3700) once you read this, does indicate that I’ve been doing this for over 10 years.

It did get me wondering about my “Hello World” post. If you’re a computer science person, you get it. If not, it’s basically the first attempt at doing something. Now, I could have clicked “Previous Post” a lot of times to get to the very first one. But, fortunately, there’s a widget that lets anyone scroll through the Archives. The very bottom looks like this:

Wow, I had a blog post in 1970? Upon further inspection, it appears to be an error, undoubtedly on my part. The date was January 1, 1970. I was curious about the two posts in 1999 and they appear to be posts from WordPress dealing with new themes. So, they probably don’t count.

The first legitimate post that I can see was on January 8, 2008 and was entitled “Blogging on FirstClass“. It makes me wonder why WordPress didn’t just kick me off the system right there and then. Before that, I was blogging on Blogger, on FirstClass, and promoting blogging throughout our system. FirstClass was a natural since everyone had an email account there and setting up a blog was a snap. You didn’t have to learn a new system.

And the rest is history.

For me, personally, this was the best professional learning activity for me. Typically, a school district might throw on an event once or twice a year to help the learning. Blogging lets me read and interact with great learners on a daily basis. Over the years, a couple of things have settled in as regular posts – This Week in Ontario Edublogs and Whatever happened to … – but for the rest of the time, I’m writing about something I’ve learned or wanted to learn more about or something just to get it down digitally so that I can always look back on. It’s amazing how many times I’m able to search my own blog for things that I want to know rather than dealing with a major search engine.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t hit every post out of the park. But, I like to think that, at least, I’m in there swinging regularly. It remains as much a passion now as it always has. So, I don’t think that I’ll be slowing down anytime soon.


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