My Week Ending 2021-05-23

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • I do enjoy going to Union Station in Toronto and just walking around looking at things. Here’s a bit of a history of it
  • I’m not sure that a study about teacher stress is needed or would reveal anything new but this is at least confirming


  • I don’t know that I will ever buy another laptop that isn’t a Chromebook. As they become more powerful, it seems to make sense to me
  • I really like the technique of merging old photos with new photos. I’ve tried it myself with some success


  • Usually, articles like this seem to be overrated when you start to read them but if you’re curious about airplanes, it’s a good read
  • I’ve got to believe that the only people that like quadmesters are administrators for ease in scheduling but teachers and students sure don’t like them


  • Starting a career in teaching is a challenge at best but imagine doing it during the current pandemic
  • Moose and swimming pools in the back yard are generally two things that you don’t want to see happen together


  • Firefox leaps ahead with more security for web browsing
  • If you’re a golfer or a tennis player, this was a preview of how the Premier wants to appeal to you


  • If you’ve ever raised kids or taught younger children, you can absolutely see this happening – driving a hijacker crazy
  • Well, what else could go wrong for teacher candidates – is this really the year to have the mandatory mathematics test?


  • I think we’re going to hear a great deal about digital vaccination certificates going forward
  • Well, schools would be open if it wasn’t for the threatened injunction by teacher unions is part of the rationale for no mention of schools in the reopening plan

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#FollowFriday – May 21, 2021

voicEd Radio

On this week’s show, Stephen Hurley and I chatted about Media Literacy, Outlook, Well-being, Apologies, and Wisdom to our younger selves.

Featured bloggers:

  • Association for Media Literacy – @A_M_L_
  • Cal Armstrong – @sig225
  • Charles Pascal – @CEPascal
  • Debbie Donsky – @DebbieDonsky
  • Matthew Oldridge – @MatthewOldridge

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Technology Troubleshooting

Recently, I indulged myself and bought a new keyboard to attach to this computer. Instead of the typical consumer product, I decided to treat myself and bought myself a mechanical gaming keyboard.

It’s the nicest feel to a keyboard that I’ve had in years. There is actually travel to the keys. It reminds me of the IBM Selectric typewriter keyboard from years gone by.

Then, I had a problem. The “N” key would randomly double or triple itself. My first thought was that I had dropped some food and it went under the key. So, I picked up the keyboard and blew on it. Stuff came out, mostly dust, but that didn’t solve the problem.

So, I brought out a bigger ax. On the bookshelf, I have a can of compressed air. I pulled the key cap off and gave it a substantial blast. A little more stuff but no solution.

I was getting more frustrated by the minute until I remember that Windows actually has a keyboard setting. I’m still not fully fluent with the new Settings panel so rather than poke around there, I just opened the Control Panel.

I just slide the “Repeat delay” slider to the left one notch and problem solved!

Video of the Week

Mine is plastic and came with the keyboard.

Photo of the Week

From happier travelling times, the Peace Fountain on the Windsor waterfront. That’s Detroit in the distance and the compass in the forefront is a reminder that Detroit is indeed north of Windsor.

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Whatever happened to …

cheques / chequebooks?

I took a look at the Padlet that’s open for ideas for this post and noticed this suggestion. It even came with its own questions so this post practically writes itself.

The whole notion of payments has changed over the past year for us. Around here, most payments at the point of sale has been Visa since our banker adviser suggested this particular card and the rewards that you get for use. Even a drive through at Tim Horton’s where our typical order would be a medium black coffee and a small black coffee is paid by tap at the window. We’ve also noticed, from other purchases, that the limit per purchase has increased. I’m guessing it’s to reflect the new reality.

Even buying gasoline is a tap away at most pumps. I do have to do a “grrrrr” as Canadian Tire pumps usually don’t like Visa tap. But Mastercard has never been an issue.

I had to smile when I read these questions because I’d be hard pressed to answer them accurately. I’m sure that we have a chequebook around here somewhere and I could hazard a guess as to where it is but I don’t use it and can’t remember the last time I did.

So, for a Sunday, what are your thoughts?

  • When was the last time someone gave/sent you a cheque?
  • When was the last time you wrote someone a cheque?
  • Do you still have a chequebook?
  • If so, when the cheques in your chequebook run out, will you order replacements?
  • When was the last time you went to the bank to deposit a cheque?
  • Have you ever use a program to print personal cheques directly from your computer?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

And, if you have a great idea for a Sunday morning topic, please add it to the Padlet or reach out to me personally with it.

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