My Week Ending 2021-05-16

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • Of course, Google would do something special for Mothers’ Day
  • I know that I’m married to a nurse but it just seems to me to be fair that they get better pay at this time if doctors are


  • I found this story particularly disgusting and a reminder to keep your guard up when you’re headed into stores – those on commission or quotas may be particularly aggressive
  • I think this is so appropriate and if I lived nearby I would want Dracula to jab me with my vaccination. What could go wrong?


  • I certainly do. There was a time when commenting on the blog made it worthwhile – but that was in the days when people actually visited your blog. There are so many other options these days
  • I was curious about Clubhouse when it came out but was only available on iOS products. That was a show stopper for me and I don’t see any value in it now


  • This is an issue around technology that has largely gone unthought of in public but really should be addressed
  • I had to read this story when I saw the word “dung” in the title


  • It’s hard to believe that the government for big business would make a $4.4B financial flub
  • Obviously, a great deal of money has to be thrown to schools to make significant changes but something needs to be done


  • Time really flies – have Chromebooks really been around for 10 years?
  • If you were thinking that you might go to Toronto this summer for the CNE or Indycar or …, think again – it’s all cancelled


  • Some good ideas here about asking questions
  • It’s so scary to think that 2000 people have had to be moved to another part of the province to find a hospital bed

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voicEd Radio

On this week’s show, Stephen Hurley and I chatted about Interviews, Teaching Ontario, Perspectives, Time, and Daily Habits

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Technology Troubleshooting

Spring can be a frustrating time of the season if you have a backyard pool like I do and are too cheap to hire someone to open it for you like me.

In a typical spring, we would have a storm one day and I’m out there with the hose syphoning off the water. Then, before I can get the cover off, it rains again.

This spring is typical COVID. Everything is topsy turvy around here. But we have a stretch of days where there is no rain predicted and I had the hose going all day yesterday.

With no rain in sight, I just need to get out and scoop off all the maple leaves which are still soaked and then the cover should easily come off.

Then, it will be time for the maple tree to release its keys and the poplar tree its fluff.

Wish me luck.

Video of the Week

A guy can wish, can’t he?

Photo of the Week

Sometimes, the best beach is on a Tip.

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Whatever happened to …

Grand Bend?

Well, to the best of my knowledge, it’s still there. Growing up, it was a destination point for the weekends. Who can forget The Gables. Well, I guess a lot of people. These days, it’s just another place to visit on the web. I don’t miss the long traffic backups though!

A holiday destination, there are so many places to recall – the beach of course, golfing, restaurants, beach stores, and of course Sea Jewels for my daughters.

In normal times, Grand Bend is a twice a year destination as we would head north to visit our home town and lay flowers in the cemetery. Not to slight them, but Bayfield and Goderich were always on that trip as we swing through Lambton and Huron Counties.

Growing up, it was a day (or night) trip for us or a camping trip to the Pinery. My aunt and uncle often rented a cottage there on the beach and we’d go and visit. There really are some of the best beaches in Ontario located there.

This Max Webster song always reminds me of Grand Bend.

Of course, these days trips like this are out of the question as we’re forced to stay at home. The biggest deterrent, of course, isn’t some edict coming from Trawna but the lack of washrooms on the routes.

My heart goes out to the store owners and holiday businesses who have a short summer time window to earn business from us holidayers. It’s not uncommon, usually from the Haliburton area to read of locals asking people not to come for a vacation until we get all this behind us.

In the meantime, beach cams showing lonely beaches can be found here.

Around here, it’s a regular tradition that has had to be put on hold.

Maybe there will be a time when we can have a Million Vacations.

For a Sunday, your thoughts?

  • do you have fond memories of Grand Bend to share?
  • is there a favourite holiday destination that you visit that has had to be put on hold the past year?
  • if the travel ban is lifted on June 2, do you have pack up and visit plans or will you wait a bit longer?
  • what would you nominate as the best beach in Ontario?
  • are you a Max Webster fan?
  • the word staycation has taken on increased meaning this past year. What does it look like in your world?

As always, I’d be most interested in your thoughts. Please share them below.

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