Cool? Or creepy?

Well, you can decide.

It’s the season for that guy with the white beard.  You see him in the malls and kids are asking him questions all over the place.

Well, this isn’t about that guy with the white beard.

It’s about this guy.

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 07.00.15.png

At AnswerthePublic, he’s there to help and inspire you with your searches.

So, I gave him a chance to answer with information about our Prime Minister.

The results, displayed after a short wait …


You might want to right click and open the results in a new window to view the original image.  But, in the primary wheel, you’ll see the how, when, why, where, … as organizers.

From each of the “spokes” in the wheel are a clickable link to a specific Google search.  So, you may not have thought of this but if you click on the results “how to email justin trudeau”, you’ll get all kinds of suggestions specifically related to that question.  Give it a try; you know you want to.

I’ll admit to being a bit freaked out at first.  I’m worried about who might be looking over my shoulder as I search and now there’s this guy in front of me too.  But, the results definitely took me to places I’d never searched before.

For those students who need a bit of digital help for their inquiry activities or just room to expand their thinking when online, this might turn out to be very useful.

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3 thoughts on “Cool? Or creepy?”

  1. This looks really interesting. I noticed that all of the questions appeared to be “thin” ones. I’m wondering though if kids could use this as a way to find out more about a topic, and then develop “thick” (richer) questions once they know more. Good inquiry questions are often developed once students also have background knowledge on a topic. This resource could help with the background knowledge. Thanks Doug!



  2. Good answers only come from good questions. My original query, which was done for the sake of this post, was overly general. Had I been more specific, the results would have been different. Give it a try.


  3. Okay Doug! I’ll have to try it. I wonder though if a general query could give more information on a topic to eventually help a person focus on a more specific, juicier question.



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