Hour of Code – Day 1

My project for this week is to take a look at the Hour of Code activities from the Hour of Code website and choose a topic that I’ve never coded before.   I’ll share my experiences here and encourage you to share yours via comment.

So, here we go – Day 1!

I’ve always wanted to create a Google Doodle so the activity “Create your own Google Logo” was my starting point.  I had a little nervousness; after all, I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination.  But, I should be able to hold my own coding a project designed for Grade 2 and up.

Big breath and here we go.

It turns out I didn’t have to be an artist to do the tutorial.  Of course, if I decided to go really deeply, I could have drawn by own.  But, I didn’t.

I sat down to watch the first video to explain the project and the things that we might do.  The project is do be done in Scratch and we’re given a “Starter Project” to kick things off.  I was impressed, at the end of the video, with the message about appropriate use of the Google logo.  It’s to be used just within the scope of this project.

That immediately opens the door for a discussion “Why couldn’t we create our own Google website with our logo?”

Anyway, back to the project.  I worked my way through the opening suggestions   Can I openly confess that I played the video and just knew that I could commit all the steps to memory?


Just as suggested in the video, I opened a couple of tabs and moved back and forth.  In the classroom, that might get a little noisy so I could see the teacher computer as a tutorial with everyone following along.  But, once you’ve got the basics, you’re ready to go over the moon.

It’s a question that all coders have.  We’re never done.  We don’t want to know what to do, we want to know what else can I do?

The tutorial page has you covered with a number of other videos ranging from audio to motion to changing the sprites to making random things happen to creating your own little game to … well, you’ll have to check out all of these.  They come with their own video of instructions so that your entire class can make custom creations.

I wish I could show you mine but I’m mindful of the desire not to use the logo for things other than the project.  Blogging might not be an approved use.

But, you don’t need me.  Head over to the tutorial and do your own.

Four minutes gets you the basic and you’ll be confirmed that your class will have a ball creating their own doodles.


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