Whatever happened to …

… Ecards?

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Boy, this sure brings back memories.  The use of email was relatively new.  I think we may have even been using GroupWise at the time.  It got so bad that seemingly every other message that you got would be a link to a greeting card.  Of course, it got worse at Christmas time and I think it was a stroke of luck that my birthday was over the summer holidays.  That didn’t stop it but certainly cut back on them.

Then, there was St. Patrick’s Day.  Valentine’s Day.  Winter Solstice.  Halloween.  Everything seemed to be an occasion that an Ecard was the answer to a question that I hadn’t asked. I even had a colleague who thought that it was cute to send just a regularl email message this way.  Grrrr.

Oh, and then some of them played music.  That increased the level of annoyance significantly.

Like the note above, eventually the notion that these things could carry malware marked the demise of them.   And stop, they did.  First of all, the IT Department started blocking email from the popular domains.  These days, those of us who use advertising blockers seldom see them.  That was the real incentive for the website authors was to get the creators to visit the site to generate an advertising click and then the recipient to do the same.  If you look hard enough, you can find these services.

Sorry your Christmas tree is being used as a giant cat toy.

I think that many people have just gone away from the concept except for special occasions.  We have so many messages and sources these days from email to social media that the extra steps required to make this happen are just unappealing.

Yet, they are still out there and Christmas is coming …

Your thoughts?

  • Were or are you an Ecard creator?
  • If you stopped using them, why?
  • Have you opted instead for the quicker and easier way to express emotions via emoji or shorter animated GIF files?

Please share your thoughts via reply below.

How about taking a walk back through memory lane and answering one or more of those questions?  You know you want to!

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