On the list

I hope that everyone had a terrific day yesterday.  For me, it was pretty hectic between going here and there, shovelling the driveway, walking the dog, …

I did get a chance to drop into my Twitter account for a couple of moments just to see what was going on.

As per usual, I took a skim around the province (or at least the parts of the province that I follow).  My way of handling this is through the use of lists.  I have seven of them…

6 of them are public…

and a seventh one which is private, for my eyes only.  Don’t you wonder?

It’s my way to organize things.  With each devoted to a column in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, I can divide and follow things that matter to me.  Throw in a few other columns for other lists, and I’m as on top of things that I can be.

In fact, I have …


There was a momentary diversion.  If I take a look at plain ol’ Twitter, not only can I see the lists that I created, and the lists that someone else has created that I follow, but I can see lists that people have added me to.  (Switch from Subscribed to to Member of)  That was kind of interesting.


It’s not something that I do regularly because, quite frankly, there’s nothing I can do about it.  If someone wants to add me to a list, that’s their prerogative.  I smiled when I looked at the names of some of the lists.

Some of the lists had predictable names but others were a little more descriptive than others.  It was a hoot to look at the more descriptive ones as you see from the above.  I guess I can understand why I would have been added to those lists.

Then, there were some that were actually wrong.  It’s interesting  to see that I was added but I can only make a guess as to why.

  • Eagles (there’s actually a Doug Pederson who coaches the Philadelphia Eagles)
  • TorontoPeople (I haven’t lived in Toronto for years but do like a good Toronto story)
  • CUE 2016 (One of my wishes someday is to go to a CUE Conference. I must have tweeted something during one to make this list)
  • CUE16 (or this one)
  • Aussie Educators (I’d love to be one in Melbourne on or around Grand Prix weekend)
  • PowerPoint Victims (I can only imagine what I must have said to make this list)
  • US Education Blogs (close, I suppose, but no cigar)
  • SXSWedu (Another event I’d like to attend)
  • MichEd Rockstars (another closeby list!)
  • NWO Teachers (Not so closeby; I’ve never had the pleasure to teach there but have spoken in Thunder Bay and it’s a wonderful place to visit)

Still, it’s nice to have been added for whatever reason.  As a Vikings fan, I’m not likely to give any football tips to that Eagles list.

And the list goes on.

Of course, you never know why but it’s just fun to speculate.

Twitter lists are indeed one of the best ways to keep tabs on diverse things.

Are you using them to their fullest potential?


OTR Links 12/26/2017

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