An interactive timeline

It’s funny how you find interesting things by accident.  I happened to be looking for details about the history of Bitcoin and how it works.  It’s a topic that I don’t understand but I do think it’s important enough to know about.

One of the links that I stumbled on in my research was “The history of bictoin”.  Spelling theirs.  It was located here.  The resource is actual an interactive timeline.


You can see the timeline across the bottom of the screen.  Clicking on the white dots reveals the information there.  I liked it!

So, I continued to poke around and found a timeline of Alan Turing, something directly applicable to the Computer Science or Social Studies classroom.


For those like me that are visual, this really works nicely.

I decided that I needed to create one of my own.  But, what topic?  I didn’t want to do too much research.  Then, I remembered that the ECOO website has a timeline of events since its inception in 1979.

So, I created an account, verified the link via email address, created a new timeline and I was off.

There’s a four step process to create your timeline and they’re presented as a timeline across the top of the screen!  How appropriate!


A bit of typing and copy/pasting later and I was the proud author of the timeline.


It literally only took minutes to create once I had the content.

So, the ECOO Organization History is now a clickable timeline.

There are some other fascinating timelines there to explore.

And, of course, more.  Just select Example of Timelines from the home screen.

If you are looking for a quick and impressive timeline creator, check this one out.

OTR Links 12/18/2017

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