Three Dice

I have to thank Vicky Loras for bringing this idea to my attention.  It’s a perfect little game to play with your kids over the holidays.  Put away those electronics and all of the other Christmas gifts and bring out three dice.  (But play this example first)



Now, if you have difficulty in finding dice, maybe you could bring out just one device to play this game and head over here to roll some virtual dice.


The game is simple enough and for those of you who complain that your kids are not getting enough of the basics, you’ll love it.  All that you have to do is use the basic arithmetic operators + – × ÷ between the dice to see how many results that you can get between 1 and 10.  That’s it!

I played around a bit with it and before I knew it, I had played the concept way too long.  You see, I had done a number of other things

  1. I solved the answer in the original post
  2. I then played by the rules and the three dice site and generated results
  3. I put the results in a spreadsheet so that I could keep track of them
  4. Then, I tried to force myself to find the answers “in order”.  i.e. 1 first, 2 second, 3 third, etc.
  5. I programmed my Micro:bit to generate and light up the numbers
  6. I wrote a Scratch program to generate the numbers and then modified it to do the various calculations and display the results

It was fun.

But then I stepped back and looked at the six things that I had done.  And, you know what?  My satisfaction level was with playing the original game with pencil and paper.

Technology isn’t always the answer.


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