But Is It Art?

I know what Cubism is.

I don’t “get it” but that’s OK.  There’s a great deal of artistic expression that goes over my head.  I’m not hating here so Picasso fans relax.

Let’s step it up digitally by reading this.

Called Kubist, you can turn your traditional images/pictures into your own Cubism originals.

It’s all done through this web application.

Upload your own image and watch the magic happen.

So, what’s the fun of dog ownership if you can’t have a little fun.  Jaimie was up for the task.

Let’s Kube him!

At 50 points, he’s pretty abstract!

But at 1000 points, he’s stylin’.

For model #2, I turned to Jaimie’s cousin.  Instead of white, he’s a beautiful mixture of boxer brown and black.  Check out the difference between 1000 points and 100 points here.

As you can see from the adjustments on the right hand side, you have some control over how things will appear.  They’re a great deal of fun to adjust and see the results immediately.

Want to talk mathematics?  Flip between triangle style to cell style and back again.  Grab a vertex and resize elements.  Based on the number of points in the image, can you create a formula that will determine the number of distinct objects?  The original article is a pretty fascinating technical read in itself.  The source code for the project is available on github if students are so inclined.

After abusing the family pet, where else could you do this?  How about a cubism representation for your school logo?  Or a further appreciation for the original artists who created the original cubism art?

Set aside a bit of time to play with this.  If you have any ideas, please be sure to share them.

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8 thoughts on “But Is It Art?

  1. Hello Mr.Peterson I am part of Mrs.Rose’s art class. And I liked how you found a site that gives a new twist on an older style of art that looked really cool and is still unique.

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  2. Hey, I am part of Mrs.Rose’s art class. I think that this is really interesting and unique. This is the first time I have seen something like this and i think it would be lots of fun to try.

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  3. Hi Mr. Peterson, my name is Brooke. I’m part of Mrs.Rose’s media arts class and I was recently introduced to your work. I found it very interesting and posted about it on my blog if you would like to read what I wrote. Thank you 🙂


  4. Ello I’m a part of Mrs.Rose’s art class as well and I really like that this sort of thing exist I’m glad that you took the time to write this and Mrs.Rose to point this out I’m Definitely going to enjoy playing with this hopefully create something interesting

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