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I had a coffee with a friend a couple of weeks ago and he threw out a one-liner that I hadn’t heard for quite a while – “Internet Explorer is the browser that you use to download all other browsers”.  Well, if you’re running Windows, that is…

I think that we all know that it’s not a safe world out there and keeping everything up to date is so important.  Depending upon the type of computer and operating system that you use, updates may be pushed to you automatically and installed.  Or, at the very least, you’ll get a notification when your browser is out of date and that you should update it.  Or, if you’re using Ubuntu, you can have notifications any time anything on your computer needs an update.  (I’m composing this in the Firefox browser and just got a notification that Opera needs to be updated.  Love it.)

If you’re in an environment where your browser is only updated annually or less, you might want to consider doing anything that requires disclosing credit card or other personal information on your own, regularly updated, computer.

How do you know the latest and greatest version of your browser?

Head over to the Browse Happy website.

It’s a portal to good things for web browsing.

If you want to use whatever you’re using to download a new browser, quick links and updated version numbers are there.  It might be a good opportunity to check the “About ….” option of your current browser so see if you are indeed getting all the updates you should.  If not, the prudent computer user will update immediately.  You’ll be safer and you just might find that your browsing experience gets a great deal better.

The five listed are a pretty conservative list of contemporary, popular web browsers.

But, they’re not all there.  Just looking at this computer, I also have Chromium and Vivaldi installed.

Now that Spartan is out as part of the Windows 10 preview, and people are kicking the tires, we’ll have that to add to the list as well later this year.

If you get into a discussion with anyone about web browsers, there are some passionate users for lesser known software.

To fully participate, commit the List of Web Browsers to memory and you’ll be the life of the party.

But, computer savvy person that you are, you will keep your own completely up to date.


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