Pacman Comes to Windsor

Or a town near your browser... You can always count on Google for a good gag for April Fool's Day. Just in time for this year's big day, swing on over to Google Maps and look for the new button in the bottom left of the screen.If you're located in a place with a lot … Continue reading Pacman Comes to Windsor


What Connected Means To Me

Over the past little bit, I read three different blog posts about being a connected educator.  They’re all good for a thoughtful read. A Higher Chance of Becoming Great? The “Twitter” Factor There Is Not Just One Right Way to Be A Connected Educator Sorry but You’re Not a Connected Educator Unless The last article … Continue reading What Connected Means To Me

OTR Links 03/30/2015

Austin G's Blog: The Great Classroom Code RT @Austin_Gagnier8: The Great Classroom Code - — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) March 29, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter CBC Canadian News on Twitter: "Ken Dryden's futuristic classroom a cross-Canada experiment" RT @CBCCanada: Ken Dryden's futuristic classroom a cross-Canada experiment — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) … Continue reading OTR Links 03/30/2015


This is a "must explore" if you're interested in animals.  But, it goes further than that. This application is one of the most amazing applications of Artificial Intelligence on a portable device that I think I've seen.  Watch this review. The application is ZooKazam and available for both Android and iOS.  I think that you … Continue reading ZooKazam