Getting Organized

OK, confession time here. When it comes to digital organization, I am probably one of the worst ever.  I create files and documents and drop them into a folder/directory called “Doug’s Documents”.  Periodically, I’ll feel guilty knowing that stuff is just sitting there completely unorganized and I’ll take the time to put them where theyContinue reading “Getting Organized”

OTR Links 06/05/2014

We think you may be lost — 403 Error – RT @alfredtwo: How expensive are good teachers? by Garth Flint tags: RT @brmf_rm: #Ontario #election #debate: The best (and worst) from the leaders @TorontoStar #OSSTF #ETFO #OECTA #AEFO RT @brmf_rm: #Ontario #election #debate: The best (and worst) from the leaders @TorontoStarContinue reading “OTR Links 06/05/2014”