A Bad Title

The nice thing about writing and scheduling blog posts is that you can write any time of the day inspiration hits you.  You also have from that point until the time it goes live to revise and change it.  Sometimes, it even gets proofread (Sheila, Lisa…).  In theory, when my posts are live, I could go in and edit any mistakes.  However, far more people have it delivered by email than read it on the site.  So, it pretty much needs to be as perfect as I can make it before the posting timeline.

This morning, Jaimie my dog and I were out for our morning walk and I got notification on my phone of a reply to yesterday’s post “When Technology Fails” from Lisa Noble.  I read the reply to Jaimie, my ghost writer, and we discussed the content.  (Hey, it supposedly worked for William Lyon MacKenzie King)

One thing that came up in our discussion was the title of the post.  It wasn’t accurate for the content of the post and could have been better.  However, since the post had gone out, it wouldn’t be right to change it after the fact.  I think it’s very clear though, that the technology didn’t fail.  In fact, the internet, wireless, and devices all worked well and that generated the problem in the original article.

Instead, I should have chosen a better title for my post.  Some ideas…

  • Failure in BYOD;
  • When BYOD Fails;
  • When Lessons Aren’t Engaging;
  • If You’re Not Using It, Turn It Off;
  • The Importance of Planning in the BYOD Classroom;
  • The Importance of Professional Learning in the BYOD Classroom;
  • In The BYOD Classroom, It IS About the Technology Too;
  • Plan To Engage;

The list could be limitless and would a better description.

As Jaimie noted, if he had opposable thumbs, he could have made the change for me.

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