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Attending to Details: Visual Supports in the Classroom

Andrea Kerr nails another really important concept about learning.  In a recent post, she explored and shared her thoughts about visual supports.  In particular, she identifies five supports:

This really hit home with me this week.  I had an opportunity to clean out some old workshop notes.  There were a couple that I really remember and a couple that I can’t even remember being at.  The difference?  My notes and the handouts for the ones that I remember were riddled with visuals, doodles, and images.  The others were just text and I must have taken the notes on my computer because they were printed on a laser printer.  It put this reading into focus.

My thoughts on DRM: Digital Rights Management

I can clearly see both sides of the discussion about digital rights.

I guess the defining moment for me is the recognition of the logic behind it.  By applying DRM to a product, the vendor is considering you guilty until you prove otherwise by paying money.

Read Brandon Grasley’s thoughts about DRM at this post.

I am totally in support of his concluding thought…except I wouldn’t say sorry.

To the publishers reading this, though: I sometimes decided to not purchase a work because it was DRMed and not available in the ecosystem I live in. I didn’t want to download another app or create another account, so you didn’t get my dollars, neither did your author, and I enjoyed someone else’s book. If you hadn’t DRMed it, I would have bought it. Sorry.

Classroom Collective

There is no link to this actual post but there is a great image.  Go to the link above and scroll down.

Apparently, this is an iGuy for the iPad.

My inner child wants one.  Father’s Day is coming, kids.

School Dress Codes

Sheila Stewart reminds us that there is a consultation process dealing with school dress code.

The whole notion is really foreign to me.  Going to high school, I only had two pairs of pants and a few shirts.  When I was 16, I got a job at the town pool and got a really nice double blue shirt that I wore to death.

When I started teaching, Grade 9 night had a presentation from the vice-principal who had one of those presentations indicating that if clothing was inappropriate, the students had to pick an alternative outfit from the lost and found box.  I don’t ever recall it being an issue.

I know times change and certainly so has the clothing styles.

It seems to me that the one voice that’s missing is the student voice.  They can be the voice of financial reality and common sense if they could be included.  Why aren’t they?

I also wonder if the consultation process that Sheila talks about applies to schools where there is a uniform in place.  Is there a consultation there?

Learning From Miss Molly!

Not to be confused with @MzMollyTL!

Aviva Dunsiger has had a rough couple weeks but, in a post, introduces us to Molly.

I remember the days of water dishes dwarfing puppies…

Please Bring Your Anger to the Carpet

Debbie Axiak describes a very interesting classroom activity as her students explore their emotions.

Read on to see some examples and comments about student’s thoughts about their own anger.

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