This Week in Ontario Edublogs

I did get out and vote yesterday.  I hope that all blog readers did.  I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon because I’ll be glued to the television tonight to see the results.  Going into the electron, nobody seemed to have a definitive poll indicating who might win.  We’ll see.

The past week, the real winners were Ontario Educational bloggers.  Here’s some of the writing that caught my eye.

Where is the next network? Google Educator Groups

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that noticed the flurry of information about Google Educator Groups this past week.  Paul McGuire did as well and he noticed that Canada was missing.

In his post, he did tie it all back to being connected and learning, giving plenty of Ontario examples.

It is still nagging, though.  Why isn’t Canada on the map he shared?

What’s Good for the Goose…

You know, parenting is the toughest job.  Particulary when it comes to being fair and consistent among children.

Diana Maliszewski apparently has a bean, or at least a clock counter in the house.  If you’ve ever tried to be fair and equal, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this post.  Of course, the answer could be – type faster to be more productive.

In a world where every family member has his/her own device, this does become a real concern.  Another question to be answered might be “is all use created equally?”  Does screen time doing homework trump screen time playing games online?  If it does, and I think that’s the immediate reaction, is there a multiplication factor to equate the activities?  2:1?  3:1?

A Way to Live

I am a real fan of quotes and try to remember to start my day with a look at Paul Cornies’ inspirational quotes.

This week, he took a number of turns on quotes incorporating the word “grace”.

You can’t help but be inspired with this morning injection of wisdom.

Student Voices On Probability: Hear What We Have To Say!

Aviva Dunsiger demonstrates another way to give student voice in the classroom – have them blog for you.

Four of her students took the keyboard to share their learning about probability on that day.  It’s an interesting approach.  It makes you ask the question “Why isn’t this sort of documentation done daily in all classes?”  Take turns being reporters and spending a few minutes at the end of the day letting parents know what they did in school?

It beats the heck out of the mandatory “nuthin”.

More Than Just a Field Trip!

Sue Waters from Edublogs gave me the heads up to Lisa Munro’s blog titled “My Scratch Pad”

In the most recent post, Lisa shares some thoughts about field trips, including one that her son is planning for.  It’s interesting reading and she includes a link to:  Ontario’s Field Trip Planner for Educators 2013/2014.  It was a new resource for me.  It includes 64 pages of inspiration.

Thanks, everyone for the ongoing flow of great content and ideas.  Please visit the blogs at the links above and share your thoughts.  You can check out the complete list of Ontario Edublogs here.