The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation kicks in on Canada Day.  I guess that’s appropriate.  

My inbox has actually been more active than normal with the commercial services that have my email address wanting to meet the legal obligation of having me reconfirm that I want stuff from them.  I think it’s a bit funny – it’s like gun laws or the stop sign at Dalhousie and Murray Street in Amherstburg.  The law abiding are playing by the rules right from the outset.  Will everyone?

I’ve been following the legislation.  It’s interesting – will it really relieve us of the drudgery of unwanted spam email?  The resources that I’ve read and collected are shared here in this LiveBinder.  I’ve highlighted the actual legislation in red.  The whole process has generated a new computer term for me – the CEM (Commercial Electronic Message).

In the process of this research, I’ve run into a couple of interesting quizzes about spam and protection.

How did you do?  I’ll bet that the tech savvy reader that reads this blog aced it.

I was also curious to know about social media.  This Twitter message from Industry Canada’s verified account gets right to the point.

Controlling spam is just the beginning.  These fast facts explain how the legislation will roll out over time.

In the irony or ironies, many of the messages that companies are sending out asking for confirmation that I want to continue to get content from them are ending up in my spam folder!  

On the surface, this looks like it could be a good thing in the fight against unsolicited messages.  There are some exceptions to the law, and I’m sure that there are minds at work trying to find ways around the legislation.  

If you’ve found any exemplary materials about the CASL, please let me know and I’ll add them to the LiveBinder.

In the meantime, let’s hope that our spam count goes down on July 1.

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