For a while, I was a big user of the Google Chrome Similar Site utility.  It served me well; I would do a search for something and then use the Similar Site utlity to find sites like the one that I found.  I found that it was a terrific way to refine my search and get better results.

As a matter of secure connections, I do have extensions that force an https:// connection which result in a warning that the site can’t be analyzed because of the secure connection.  That’s actually quite comforting that the extension doesn’t try to get around the rules just to do its thing.  Sadly, though, it does render using the extension useless.

Then, I read Stephen Downes OLDaily yesterday.  Someone had suggested a new website to Stephen that does check for similar sites this time via the web.

The site is: and it works very nicely.

Just enter the site that you are interested in finding similar sites to and let it do its thing.

So, of course I did what Stephen did and searched for myself.

A good group of people to be similar to!


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