The Wisdom of @knolinfos

Yesterday, I read about Quozio.  It’s a free online utility that lets you take a quotation and put it into an attractive display.  That display is in .jpg format which makes it perfect for downloading and using in any of the million places that you would use a quote.

Website, wiki, email, profile, presentation, Facebook update, you name it – anywhere you would post a quote, you could post it attractively with Quozio.

I tried a few Dougisms and that just wasn’t cutting it but I got the sense of what the program was capable of doing and how simple it is to do it.

I was skimming my timeline on Twitter and @knolinfos shared a really nice quote.  I though, “Aha!”  Here’s something worth sharing to show how simple Quozio is to use.

Off I went.  The interface is dead simple.


Filling the form was as simple as entering the two boxes above.  Thanks again to whoever taught me how to copy and paste.

The toughest thing is to choose the background for your quote.


Make your choice – I’ve always liked rippling water – and you’re good to go.


I’ll bookmark this resource for later use.  You can always use a way to spice up quotations.

And, thanks, Gust for the quote.  Quozio displays it nicely.


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